Tea Brewing Basics With Swirl

Teabags might be a handy choice for enjoying tea in various places, but their effect on the environment can be undeniably be concerning. On the other hand, conventional tea infusers can be somewhat impractical and unattractive to the eyes. Acknowledging this issue, Chufunyu introduced a game-changer for all tea infusers out there: Swirl. Due to its sleek and elegant appearance, most people would not realize that the little beauty serves the function of a tea infuser. Swirl usually comes off as a fountain pen at first sight.



Built of three separate bodies, every detail of Swirl has been considered thoroughly to generate a comprehensive tea infuser. Swirl's all stainless steel unibody filter basket is equipped with a neodymium heat resistant magnet that snaps open and shut for every twist of the handle. Since both magnet and handle lock perfectly together, no dirty corner could catch residue from the tea leaves. The custom spout on Swirl also matches a pairing tea case called Caddy, allowing the user to recharge their Swirl with ease.


Using Swirl is utterly effortless. First, release the filter basket from the barrel. Next, twist the handle to reveal the entry spout. Pour your favorite tea leaves in, and rotate the handle one more time to close it shut. Prepare the hot water, and like its name, swirl it. Each stir of Swirl will effectively enhance the flavor of your tea. When you feel that your tea has steeped to its finest, pull it out of the water for a second to let excess water drip back into the cup, then insert the filter basket back into the barrel. It's important to note that although the screw cap in the barrel prevents liquid from freely moving, the excess liquid inside the barrel will still result in leakage, especially when Swirl is stored upside down. However, when stored properly, Swirl is absolutely safe to be put in your pocket. To discard the tea leaves, pull the handle and filter basket apart. Lastly, rinse and dry with a soft cloth.


For the best brew, it's advisable to dose Swirl with approximately 4-5 grams of tea leaves or fill the infusion chamber to about 80% full capacity. Overfilling Swirl can cause spillage. The recommended amount of water for brewing your tea leaves would be 200-250mL, as this maintains the leaf to water ratio at the optimum 1:50.

 Having its filter laser-cut, Swirl is excellent for brewing herbal and flavored teas like Assam, Hōjicha, and Earl Grey, or simply teas with smaller particles. The fine holes contain the small tea bits within the infuser, serving the drinker a clean cup.


Making tea with Swirl can be extraordinarily pleasant. Besides housing the filter basket, the barrel may also function as a sniffing vessel after the first infusion. It can also hold the used leaves when no disposal can be found. Swirl is also suitable for multiple infusions, depending on the type of tea you're brewing.


Tea infusers should be more accessible to bring and use. Coming in three colors: Onyx Black, Crescent White, and Botticino Marble-Gold, Swirl provides convenience in tea drinking as well as encouraging to save the environment from teabag wastage while performing as a luxurious fashion accessory.